The values edited in this dialogue are applied to all databases. That means deleting or changing these values affects not only the database currently opened but all other databases too.

Aspect ratio describes the relation between the height and the width of movies.
Aspect ratio can be assigned as attribute to every movie and is displayed in the main window.

Edit aspect ratio

Edit aspect ratio
Edit aspect ratio
  • Width/Height
    The width and height of the aspect ratio.
  • Equal aspect ratio
    The application tries to get automatically the aspect ratio for video files if possible (using Windows or operating systems MediaInfo is installed). However, the video file may have a different declaration, but the same meaning. (for instance 16:9 und 1.66:1 are equal).
    Here you can define further equal aspect ratios.
  • New
    Create an empty record for a new aspect ratio to be inserted.
  • Update
    Update the data edited on the right side for the selected aspect ratio.
  • Insert
    Insert the data edited on the right side as a new aspect ratio.
  • Delete a aspect ratios
    Aspect ratios can be deleted by selecting the appropriate check box.
    Some aspect ratios often used (fro instance 16: 9 or 4:3) cannot be deleted.

Aspect ratio values are unique, no duplicate entries are allowed.

If this dialogue is called from dialogue Edit medium object than values can be added or modified but not deleted.
Meaning of symbols:
(+) The record was inserted and will be added.
(-) The record will be deleted.
(*) The record was modified and will be updated.