Collections can be used to assign media objects according to own criteria. A collection may contain all movies of an actor or director. Finding the episodes again is easily done. Simply select the collection in the main window.

What is the difference between a collection and a compilation ?

Edit collections

Edit collections
Edit collections
  • Collection
    The name for the collection.
  • New
    Create an empty record for a new collection to be inserted.
  • Update
    Update the data edited on the right side for the selected collection.
  • Insert
    Insert the data edited on the right side as a new collection.
  • LDelete a collection
    Collections can be deleted by selecting the appropriate check box.

Collections are unique, no duplicate entry for the name is allowed. It does not matter whether or not the name is written in upper or lower case.

If this dialogue is called from dialogue Edit medium object than values can be added or modified but not deleted.
Meaning of symbols:
(+) The record was inserted and will be added.
(-) The record will be deleted.
(*) The record was modified and will be updated.