Use this dialogue to create, copy or delete databases.

Database names must not contain more than 30 characters. The name must start with a letter.

Manage databases
Manage databases
  • Name
    The name internally used for the database. This name is not changeable.
  • Display
    The name displayed for the database.
  • Icon
    The recommended size is 20 pixels in width and 13-16 pixels in height. Icon files must not extend 20 kb.
  • New
    Create an empty record for a new database to be created.
  • Update
    Update the data edited on the right side for the selected database.
  • Insert
    New database: Insert the data edited on the right side as a new database.
  • Insert
    Copy database: Creates a copy of the selected database.
  • Delete a database
    Databases can be deleted by selecting the appropriate check box.
    Deleting databases cannot be undone.

Meaning of symbols:
(+) The database will be created.
(-) The database will be deleted.
(*) The database was modified and will be updated.