Favorite directory
Favorite directory
Favorite directories are displayed in dialogues to open files.
It is a fast way to access directories often used.

Favoritenverzeichnisse bearbeiten

Favoritenverzeichnisse bearbeiten
Favoritenverzeichnisse bearbeiten
  • Sort by order/Sort by alphabet
    The favorite directories are displayed according to their names ("Display").
    You can change the order via drag & drop if sort by order is selected.
  • Directory
    Choose a directory.
    The yellow square behind the directory name indicates that the directory is not available. This may result from a directory deleted meanwhile or the directory is for instance located on an external drive which is not connected.
  • Display
    The (short) name for the directory. This value is shown later on instead of the complete directory name.
  • Icon
    Choose an icon for this directory. If no icon is given the application tries to get an icon from the operating system.
  • New
    Create an empty record for a new directory to be inserted.
  • Update
    Update the data edited on the right side for the selected directory.
  • Insert
    Insert the data edited on the right side as a new favorite directory.
  • Delete a favorite directory
    Favorite directories can be deleted by selecting the appropriate check box (the directory is not deleted on the file system, just the database entry will be removed).
Meaning of symbols:
(+) The record was inserted and will be added.
(-) The record will be deleted.
(*) The record was modified and will be updated.