The extended search makes it possible to search for media objects using different search criteria at once.

Extended search
Extended search
  • All search categories exist
    At least one word must exist from every search category.
  • Any search category exist
    At least one search category must match.
  • Example One genre and several countries were selected.

    The result is for All search categories exist:
    Shows all media objects with that genre and one of the selected countries.

    The result is for Any search category exist:
    Shows all media objects with that genre or with one of the selected countries.
  • Video media/audio media/document
    Select which kind of media shall be searched for.
  • Title
    Title of the media object
  • Other titles
    Other titles of the media object (TV titles, alternative titles, AKA: also known as)
  • Origin title
    Origin title of the media object
  • Year from
    A period for the year. The extended search includes the property "year from" but not the property "year to".
  • Person
    It is possible to search for up to 3 persons.
  • Rating
    The minimum rating value for the search
  • Language
    Choose one or more languages.
  • Country
    Choose one or more countries.
  • Genre
    Choose one or more genre.
  • Collection
    Choose one or more collections.
  • Compilation
    You can choose up to 3 compilations.
  • Reset
    Reset all values.

The exact spelling of titles or persons is often not exactly known. Therefore it is sufficient to specify just a part of the search term (at least 3 characters). The search matches if the the title or person contains the search term (for instance "Gioac" instead of "Gioacchino").