There are different ways to search for media objects. In addition to the Extended search several different filters can be used.

filter search mask There are predefined filters which ca be choosen from a combobox.

Simple filter search mask Another way is the simple search using a search field.

Collections, compilations, persons and keywords are predefined filters as well.
For collections, persons and keywords the search result can even be narrowed by further options.

Weitere Filter: Sammlungen, Zusammenstellungen, Personen und Schlüsselwörter Weitere Filter: Sammlungen, Zusammenstellungen, Personen und Schlüsselwörter

Filter properties

Filter properties The filter properties are displayed left on the top. The filter properties are the sort criteria and the category to be searched for.

Filter results

Filter results The filter results are displayed according to the search order above the media result list.
There are different notes depending on the filter. For instance the date of the last modification or the title might be displayed.

Special filter

Special filter Using a filter like "Missing files" it is only possible to navigate to th next page forward. In that case some buttons of the navigation toolbar (for instance previous page or last page) are disabled.

Additional column: Filter result

Additional column: Filter result

It is not always clear or easy to find the current search term within the selected media object.
In that case the media list get an additional column.

Example: It is searched for persons containing "haw" in their names. The additional column displays the complete name.